YouTube rolls out new features in its latest update

Youtube is one of the largest and most well-known video platforms on the planet. This was in 2005 that YouTube’s first uploaded video went live and since then time there have been numerous modifications have been made slowly. We can now consider it a social platform that has to compete with the other titans which have come on the scene with a vengeance like TikTok. In order to avoid getting stuck in the middle, Google has announced an additional set of interesting news.

New features and design modifications

The first thing to you at first glance is a fresh look and a range of features to create a more “modern and engaging” display. The method that users use to view videos has enhanced, but the fundamentals of the concept behind YouTube as we are used to remaining the same.

Youtube has introduced the Ambient Mode which provides an ethereal effect, which means that the color of the background of the app adapts to the content. This feature is accessible on mobile and web devices that have the dark theme turned on. The dark mode is precisely what it says. been one of the features updated with this update, making it darker.

Videos playlists now get the same color scheme and will show more details about each playlist, so that users can quickly jump into it. YouTube links in the video description are now buttons, and frequently occurring actions such as shares, likes, and downloads are no longer distracting. The subscribe button is also being changed to remove the traditional red color. While watching videos, you can zoom in or out using a pinch and zoom in and out of any video using the YouTube app available for iOS and Android.

More news is on its way…

YouTube has stated that the entire team of YouTube continues to explore methods to enhance the performance of the platform. The recent developments prove this, but more information is expected to follow very soon. These enhancements will be available within the next few weeks, even though they are already accessible to a lot of users.

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