Best Yify Alternatives – 11 Top YTS Alternatives to Try in 2022

Best Yify Alternatives – 11 Top YTS Alternatives to Try in 2022
Yify alternatives 11 Best Torrent Alternatives 2021

Yify alternatives: Torrent sites have always been very special when it comes to downloading any kind of movies or software, yes, we do know how to use them for our advantage, but coming to their popularity, these torrent sites frequently face penalty issues from the government or private agencies who complain of copyrighted content on these platforms, the very reason for being under the scanner is because of the illegal copyright issues that could affect sites. Many of us also consider downloading those files based on popularity and star appeal, forgetting the hard work of the copy-right owners who depend on its income, famous sites like kickass torrents, the pirate bay, 1337x websites often face these issues due to copyright claims.

What is Yify?

This article is specially made for those guys who are interested to download movies, games, and software, this article covers the 11 best Yify alternatives 2021 online, YIFY Torrents, or the best YTS alternatives 2021. Yify is the peer-to-peer distribution network that is known for distributing large numbers of Yify movies as free downloads through Bit Torrent software. Many downloaders were drawn to Yify movie releases because of their consistent HD video quality in limited file size alternatives to Yify.

The most well-known and commonly used torrent downloading platform is YIFY movie torrents, well-known as YTS. It specializes in delivering high-definition movies and television shows. It uses the peer-to-peer approach to allow users to download the most recent movies using Bit Torrent.


All the torrent sites mentioned above are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content. At Slickmagnet we never encourage piracy and it is in our  interest to protect the copyrighted content.

How Yify movies has become one of the best torrent alternatives?

The success of YIFY or YTP is because it provides high-quality HD movies on the smallest possible scale. It allows people in rural areas with poor internet connections to stream HD movies in tiny file sizes.  The film industry is terrified as YIFY Torrent becomes popular overnight. They began to lose fans, putting their profit from selling DVDs and producing live-action movies in theatres in jeopardy. Also, this has led to several claims that their business is losing because of these sites’ popularity, and gaining momentum in the film industry is at risk.

List of the 11 Best Yify Alternatives 2021

Alternative Websites NameAlternative Websites URLMonthly Visitors (in Millions)
1. The Pirate Bay Million+
2. 1337x Million+
3. KickAss Torrents Million+
4. Rarbg Million+
5. Extra Torrents Million+
6. Lime torrents Million+
7. Zooqle Million+
8. Torrentz2 Million+
9. Torlock Million+
10. EZTV 20 Million+
11. Torrent Downloads Million+
Number of Visitors per month for each of the Best Torrent Alternatives 2021

Why you should install a VPN while Torrenting?

Before heading on to the actual list of the best Yify Alternatives, I want you to understand the importance of installing a VPN for frequent torrent users. Using a VPN establishes a virtual location for your computer meaning it redirects all of your internet traffic through a server or location of your choice which in turn hides your real IP Address. Websites cannot get hold of where exactly you are browsing or the content you are consuming.

The second main reason to use a VPN is for privacy concerns since websites cannot track you they would also not be able to target you with advertisements and we get bombarded with them every day vying for our attention which is intrusive to our digital space. We recommend using NordVPN or ExpressVPN which focus on both privacy and security.

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Best Yify alternatives for downloading movies
The Pirate Bay

1. The Pirate Bay– Best Yify alternative for downloading movies

Pirate Bay was founded in the year 2003 and it is among the most popular torrent websites worldwide. Just recently, reports say The Pirate Bay is back online and will be accessible via its original domain–

TPB is a rather distinguished torrent site amongst torrent lovers owing to the large variety of torrents you can download from here and its decluttered user interface. Utilizing this YTS option, one can download torrents for films, software, TV series, music, and much more. You can read more about the pirate bay proxy browser down below.

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Best Yify Clone website for movie downloads

2. 1337x– Best Yify Clone website for movie downloads

1337x was founded in the year 2007 and according to the news blog TorrentFreak (TF) is the 3rd most popular torrent site in the year 2021. If you wish to download torrents for motion pictures, apps, and software utilizing torrent and Yify movies isn’t working, 1337x is your next best alternative. 

The torrent site has an excellent visual appeal as whatever beginning with the index page to search results page, is nicely developed. 1337x caters to a big audience of torrent lovers owing to the categorization of torrents. You can browse through motion pictures, TV, games, music, applications, anime, and more. Besides, there is a trending area at this YTS torrent alternative that uses all the popular and trending torrents without needing to go through the trouble of searching them by hand. Read more about the 1337x unblock proxy linked to this article. The article contains all of the 1337x working URLs.

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Popular YTS alternative for downloading HD movies
Kickass Torrents

3. Kickass Torrents– Popular YTS alternative for downloading HD movies

Kickass Torrents does not require any introduction as the torrent site is quite popular on the internet emerging as one of the very best torrent sites of 2021, it was launched in the year 2008. It has the prospective to work as the perfect Yify option for those who cannot access YTS due to any reason.

The website has a very simple and unique interface. You can discover the torrent catalog, most popular torrents, and the Top torrents section at the top. These are matched by a tag cloud that tells you about the typical searches on the site. Searching and downloading the movies is quite easy on the site just like any other YTS alternative site and the app is free from irritating ads and pop-ups. Although the original Kickass Torrent website was closed down long ago, there are several mirror websites on the internet. The mirror websites share the very same interface and layout of options. Know more about the live kickass torrents proxy list 2021 on the hyperlink down below.

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Perfect Yify substitute for Downloading Movies
RARBG home page

4. RARBG– Perfect Yify substitute for Downloading Movies

RARBG was launched in the same year as Kickass Torrents in the year 2008. Regardless of being filled with lots of advertisements and pop-ups, RARBG has maintained its position as one of the world’s best-known torrent websites. If Yify isn’t working for you due to any reason, you substitute with RARBG for downloading torrents. It has a healthy collection of torrents with adequate seeders. Moreover, it is the best option for those who want to download movies in high resolution.

RARBG, a popular option for those who look forward to downloading motion pictures utilizing torrent sites. The site is a massive online library of content that includes movies, games, TV shows, and even software programs. Also, read about the best torrent alternatives 2021 down below.

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Extra Torrents Website

5. Extra Torrents – Best YTS Alternative Site

Extra Torrents (ET) was founded in the year 2006 is another hugely popular torrents website where one can download the latest movies, games, online shows, games, videos, music, software, and all other types of content media files.  The popularity of sites is mainly because of the many advanced features and also the easy accessibility of the P2P files technology sharing system.  

Extra torrent is a platform catering to all users’ needs in terms of viewing, downloading, and sharing content all free of cost.  Users can practically search for any online file from the array of categories in the Extra Torrents advanced search engine.

Lime Torrents

6. Lime Torrents– Top Similar to Yify alternative

You can download TV shows, movies, the latest trending music, apps, anime, and software from this website. It is one of the best YTS alternatives. If YIFY movies are not functioning well, LimeTorrents is the best alternative for YIFY.

Zooqle Torrent Site

7. Zooqle– Best version of Yify alternative

Zooqle is another huge torrent site the best source to download torrents, as it has a great collection of movies, software, music, books, and games. The Torrent site is providing torrent information for fresh out of the plastic new films, TV uncovers, PDFs, Full Games, Software, and more from numerous years.

On the home page, users can see all of the latest content released, for example in the TV section which show is “On Air today” or which new episode is been released users can track when are their favorite shows are releasing. The movies also have a “new releases” section which aids the users to browse through new movies.

Torrentz2 search engine

8. Torrentz2– Top Yify alternative for Series

Torrentz2eu is a fast, simple, and powerful search engine for torrent sites to download all new latest movies, games, and files for free. Users can mistake this search engine as minimalistic by its simple interface but its large library of massive content is simply going to the users’ minds. Torrentz2 is a complete torrent site providing all the necessary descriptions, screenshots of all the content users can see before they download them through direct torrent-file transfer or magnet downloads. Torrentz2 movies are also another great alternative to download and watch free movies of high-quality Ultra-HD 4k, 3d, 1080p, and 720p. The website is fully secure and users can remain anonymous with the privacy protected features.


9. Torlock – Home for the best Anime and eBooks

Torlock has an assortment of millions of fresh popular torrents, movie torrents, TV torrents, music torrents, game torrents, software torrents, anime torrents, and e-books torrents for users to browse. Rundown of best motion pictures to download and open the entryway for your diversion. Likewise, you can check the best sites to watch anime. You should need to utilize the VPN administrations to get to these sites that the site warns when you access the site. I like how Torlock organizes all of its torrents into different categories so at no point is the user confused about where to look for and only the most popular ones are on the home page so users can quickly browse for their preferred content.

EZTV Search Engine

10. EZTV – Best YTS for Television Shows

EZTV is the best YTS option as it has an assortment of network programs. A standout amongst other downpour destinations for TV shows and movies. On the home page, all recent movies and TV Series come with a certified IMDB rating so users can choose the best movie/TV Shows with the highest rating. Each movie and TV Show comes with a trailer that allows users the option to continuing watching based on the short excerpt of the film/ TV Shows.

Torrent Download Home Page
Torrent Download Home Page

11. TorrentDownloads – Top Alternative to YIFY

I love the clean and to-the-mark of client impedance. This is the best option for the YIFY, as it has, in addition, a colossal assortment of films, anime, books, TV shows, music, book. This torrent site can be one of the many back-ups if your regular YIFY websites are inaccessible.

Final Thoughts

Despite, the number of shutdowns the industry has faced over the years, torrenting has withstood all hurdles possible to stay relevant. Whether you are streaming for YIFY downloads, YIFY movies, or expands the selection of torrent websites, these YTS Proxy sites are indisputably great resources to have when you want to access your favorite digital media.

FAQS of Yify Movies

1. Why are Yify movies not working?

If Yify movies are not working for you it is because the website has been blocked by your ISP. In this situation, you can use the many Yify movies alternatives mentioned in the article to continue to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV Shows.

2. Does Yify still work?

The original Yify/ YTS website was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in the year 2015. You can access still the site via mirror websites and the several YTS alternatives.

3. What are some of the mirror sites for Yify?

Here is the list of YTS/ Yify Proxy & Mirror Sites (100% Working):

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