Who Needs an Electronic Logging Device?

Who Needs an Electronic Logging Device?
Who Needs an Electronic Logging Device?

There are numerous benefits to buying an electronic log device. In many companies, it can be an enormous difference in the outcome or failure. In many instances it is required for a business that makes use of commercial vehicles to function utilizes an electronic logging equipment (ELD). Companies that must be equipped with an ELD are those who often have to maintain logs. 

In the United States, the Department of Transportation has mandated that certain commercial vehicles carry an ELD as they are claimed to dramatically lower the risk of accidents happening. Apart from reducing the risk number of crashes, ELDs reduce the amount of fatigued drivers that are out on the roads and reduce the number of deaths as well.

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Why is an ELD Mandatory for Some Businesses?

Prior to the mandate, companies in the transportation industry could choose whether for an ELD to be purchased or not. However, since a greater number of truck drivers fell asleep behind the wheel because they were driving for long hours longer than a normal shift, and a higher number of deaths occurred during off-road driving trips, as well in other problems that it was decided to create the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration came up with this policy to help save lives and keep sleep-deprived, risky drivers off the roads.

What Exactly is an Electronic Logging Device?

An electronic logging device is an electronic GPS tracking system that offers driving directions , and much more, taking your standard GPS device to a new level. Instead of just providing driving directions the electronic logging device keeps track of your driving hours of any commercial vehicle it is attached to. 

It also monitors the general functionality for the automobile, which includes the level of fuel and oil as well as the speed at which the drivers speed up, as well as a amount more. Naturally, the system can also provide drivers with step-by-step directions for any location they’re required to travel to, as well as other. 

Even without an obligation many commercial driving firms consider they have an advantage by having an ELD supplier allows them to manage their business significantly easier and efficient due to a variety of reasons.

Not only do electronic devices for logging help employers monitor their employees’ movements throughout the day however, drivers who know they’re being watched are less likely to stray from their routes. 

Deviating from the route could drastically increase the chance of an accident happening. There are many scenarios that could occur in the event that an employee chooses to use the company car on an excursion on their own However, this is much less likely to occur in the event that they are closely monitored.

A lot of owners of commercial transportation companies are also pleased with the capability to supervise their staff remotely, regardless of where they are. The ELD regularly sends out real-time updates to the person in charge.

This can aid in determining whether a vehicle is in need of maintenance prior to it breaking down. Additionally, a commercial vehicle owner can quickly monitor their vehicles in the event that they are ever taken away, making the job of law enforcement simpler.

There are numerous other benefits that an ELD can bring to your commercial vehicles. instead of resenting the fact for the fact that you must have these devices, you should concentrate on the ways these convenient electronic devices can make life easier in many ways. Employees don’t must keep track of papers, which is usually an issue. ELDs installed on the fleet of vehicles could help you save a lot of cost.

The devices will not only assist in reducing overtime they also can cut down on your fuel expenses too. A simple employee becoming lost can result in significant cost of fuel, but because the ELD functions as a reliable GPS it can stop your employees from burning gas driving around trying to find where they’re traveling. 

Additionally, you’ll reduce your fuel expenses since the GPS will streamline the entire procedure of getting your employees there and back to their destination. The system can combine trips , making driving back and forth no-go with its ability to make the most simple routes.

Exemptions to the ELD Mandate

It is not the case that every business that uses commercial transport as the main purpose of their business is required to comply with the law. Certain businesses are exempt from the mandate. Here are some examples of where a business could be exempted from the ELD obligation:

  • A worker who operates commercial vehicles more than the year 2000.
  • Drivers who aren’t required to keep the duty status records for at minimum eight days in a row for a period of 30 consecutive days
  • Drivers who are on the job, tow-away operators
  • People who aren’t required to keep logs of paper regardless of the reason

If you’re not 100% certain if your company’s vehicle is exempted from this requirement it is recommended to check with the federal government and/or it’s the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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