What Is Quantum Computing And How Does It Work

What Is Quantum Computing And How Does It Work
what is quantum computing and how does it work

What Is Quantum Computing And How Does It Work-What Is Quantum Computing And How Does It Work? Hear the news that tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft or Google are working on something called quantum computing. It will not have passed the headline of this news because he does not feel that a thing will affect him.

At the Start of the 20th century Phenomena that weren’t yet well understood gave rise to a new physical theory, quantum mechanics, a theory that describes the operation of the microscopic world, that is, molecules, electrons and atoms. Thanks to quantum mechanics, it has been possible to comprehend these unexplained happenings, to realize that events which do not happen in the macroscopic world occur from the universe that is microscopic and that reality works entirely counterintuitively.

Some of those discovered quantum components are quantum Superposition (i.e. how a particle can be in different countries simultaneously ), quantum entanglement (how two separate particles could be correlated), and quantum teleportation (the use of quantum entanglement to send data from one spot to another without travel through it).

Well, quantum computing would be the program of the properties of the Microscopic world to the area of ​​computing. In classical computing, the unit of data is the bit, which has only two possible states: 0 and 1. If n pieces are placed together, numbers could be represented and function on them, but with a few constraints: up to two may be represented ^ n distinct states. And should you would like to modify x pieces, we are obliged to do at x surgeries on them, since they cannot be changed by magic without bothering them.

Instead, what overlapping and entanglement is to reduce those Limitations: with overlapping we will have the ability to store many more than just 2 ^ n states with n quantum pieces (called qubits) and also entanglement particular relationships between qubits, of so operations at a qubit necessarily alter the rest. Put simply: a qubit isn’t only worth 1 or 0, like a standard bit, but can be, for instance, 0 in 80 percent and 1 in 20%.

What does that involve? That because there is a qubit capable of processing A whole lot more information than a little, the processing speed increases exponentially with respect to classical computing, and so jobs for which a classical computer could take years, using quantum computing may be solved in a couple of seconds.

Another feature is a quantum processor Doesn’t require monitors, Any hardware as we know it today: everything or drives occurs therefore quantum computers are the tools for work with information.

What Is Quantum Computing And How It Is Different From Traditional Computinng?

This division of computer science is based upon the principles of this Superposition of the matter and the quantum entanglement to come up with a computation different from the traditional one. In theory, it might have the ability function with more rigorous efficient algorithms, such as quantum quenching or Shor’s and to store a lot more states per unit of information.

This new generation of supercomputers leverages comprehension of quantum Mechanics — the component of physics which studies nuclear and subatomic particles — to overcome the constraints of classical computing. It allows to carry out a multitude of simultaneous surgeries and eliminate the tunnel effect which impacts the current programming in the nanoscale although quantum computing gifts in problems of decoherence and scalability.


Classic computing and quantum are two worlds using a few Similarities and many differences from one another, such as the use of qubit versus bit. Belowwe review three of the very relevant:

Programming language

Depends upon the development and execution of algorithms that are specific. But computing includes standardized languages​​like Python, SQL or Java , among others.


A personal computer (PC). These supercomputers are so complicated that they simply have a location in the technological, scientific and corporate fields.


A quantum computer’s composition is simpler than that of a Conventional one, and has no memory or processor. These teams are limited to a set of qubits which serve as the basis for their operation.

Quantum Computers Vs Supercomputers

Quantum computing is defined as the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computation. Supercomputers are used for supercomputing. While quantum computer are used for Quantum computing, While quantum computers is still a work in progress.

What Is A Qubit?

Quantum computing uses the qubit instead of the conventional bit as the basic unit of information . The main feature of this alternative system is that it supports the coherent superposition of ones and zeros, the digits of the binary system on which all computation revolves, unlike the bit, which can only adopt a value at the same time —one or zero

This peculiarity of quantum technology means that a qubit can be zero and one at a time, and also in different proportions. The multiplicity of states enables a quantum computer of just 30 qubits, for example, to perform 10 billion floating point operations per second, that is, about 5.8 billion more than the most powerful PlayStation video game console on the market.

Quantum Computing Could Alter The Phase Of Technology

We live in a period of vertigo Concerning technological Innovation, particularly in the financial sector, which can be headquartered in a process of conversion of its processes by integrating technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (including machine learning ), blockchain, banking mobile and open banking, among others. These technologies have been developed because of the exponential improvement in computational capability, accompanied by the reduction in the physical dimension of the chips. This development may be reaching its physiological limit and it’s precisely here that quantum computingcomes to play, bringing unprecedented processing capacities. We have to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that this paradigm change brings and the disturbance that it will certainly create.

All of the processing systems provided by quantum computing the The latter case may pose a risk to present cryptography, on which communications security is based and a part of blockchain cryptography.

In the medium term, It’s anticipated that pc clusters supplemented With GPUs to get Wall Street pricing evaluation may be replaced with a quantum computer. The chance of experiencing pocket quantum computer or a desktop does not seem immediate. There are a few challenges to resolve before viewing the huge implementation of quantum computing, like enhancing the stability of the outcomes and simplifying the implementation of these algorithms.

At the moment, quantum computers are only available to large Institutions, because the requirements for them to operate are achieved in highly controlled and intricate installations. Its circuits need to be in a temperature near absolute zero (-273.15 ° C or 0 Kelvin) and in a magnetic vacuum ensured by a cover that cancels the magnetic field.

There are private and government initiatives with financing to Promote the implementation and development of the technology. In the private sector , Google has declared that it has a 72-cubit quantum pc . For its part, IBM already has a 50-cubit quantum computer for company use and earns a 26-cubit computer readily available to the public. This computer is accessible for people who wish to experiment using quantum programming through its open source framework for the growth of quantum computing Qiskit. The company D-Wave supplies a different choice 2,000 qubits quantum computer, but its structure is not as complex and comparatively requires a greater quantity of cubits to fix the same problem. Nevertheless, the D-Wave is the quantum computer introduced to date.

Security, with the creation of insurmountable encryption methods; at the field of artificial intelligence, given the ability of parallel computing which allows to scale current algorithms and, in general, in problems that require the attention of a large number of parameters and restrictions in their remedy , until now impossible to solve.

Quantum computing is a technology millions of times more Powerful than current technology. Its capability will bring disruptive Changes in essential industries such as pharmaceuticals, distance, computer Safety, and finance, among others. It has the possibility to Transform the world in precisely the manner or more. The Key challenge will be to translate real-world issues.


For now, any task can be managed by classical technology. Quantum supremacy refers to a quantum computer’s capability to outperform their classical counterparts.

Many businesses, like IBM and Google, assert we are near , since they continue to cram more qubits collectively and construct more precise devices.

Not everyone is convinced that quantum computers are worth the attempt. Some mathematicians think there are hurdles which are nearly impossible to overcome, placing quantum computing permanently out of reach.

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