Potential benefits of Autonomous Driving in 2021

Potential benefits of Autonomous Driving in 2021
Autonomous Driving is the Future

In the year 2020, the first autonomous cars hit the roads. Brands like BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, and even Apple have launched their autonomous concept cars. The idea of the car driving alone, at first, can be a bit scary but calm.  Without a doubt, autonomous cars have benefits compared to conventional vehicles.  Although today piloted cars are packed with technologies that prevent accidents, autonomous cars come with extra safety. Among the aspects of autonomous driving that will improve your life, which we have selected, in addition to safety on the roads, is fuel economy and greater mobility for the elderly. Are you being surprised? Well, don’t miss the aspects of autonomous driving that will improve your life.

Increased road safety

since autonomous cars will use cameras and sensors to control the vehicle, the number of human errors will be reduced.  Figures show us the majority of accidents that occur nowadays are due to human error. Speeding, distractions behind the wheel, consumption of alcohol or drugs are some of these mistakes.

Smart cars don’t have any blind spots

Multiple cameras built into the vehicle allow you to have a complete view of all nearby objects. These autonomous driving systems make decisions inspired by human decisions, analyzing variables and allowing damage to be minimized. The difference is that, in a dangerous situation, a smart car would make a previously analyzed and considered decision.  Let us remember that most of the accidents that occur are the result of human action or inaction. Leaving driving in the “hands” of an algorithm is not such a bad idea if the objective is to reduce the accident rate.

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Fewer traffic jams

Traffic jams will be reduced since all autonomous cars are driven at the same speed and can monitor road conditions. They can drive a little closer to the vehicles, without being held up.

No parking hassles

For some drivers, parking online is a huge problem. That is why autonomous cars will be able to do it. Not only will they be able to park in line but also in tight spaces. In addition, there will be no annoying scratches on the sides of the vehicle.

Rested Truck drivers

Truck drivers spend hours behind the wheel and are at very high risk of falling asleep at the wheel. Recently, some brands have launched an autonomous truck concept. The driver can take a break to check email or to take his eyes off the road.

More time for drivers

Every morning we spend hours and hours getting to work. With autonomous cars, this routine will become a little friendlier. Drivers will only have to sit in the seat and make sure they do not collide with the car in front.

Fuel economy

Most of the autonomous concept cars that have been presented are electric but it is very likely that electricity is not their fuel. There is still a long way to go in this area but it is likely that gasoline or diesel will be used. Through efficiency, these autonomous cars will help reduce fuel costs.

Greater mobility

Autonomous cars will be adapted, with greater safety, for older drivers and for drivers with reduced mobility. In this way, they will be able to move as the connected cars will take over the driving functions.

Reduce polluting emissions

Since they make more efficient management of fuel and energy consumption. If we are looking for sustainability and safety, a smart vehicle is undoubtedly the ideal option.

The Future of Autonomous Driving

Car companies have already started the race to get the first fully autonomous models, although along the way they are already implementing this technology that they are developing in their new models. Tesla was among the first to adapt its cars to autonomous driving. They have eight cameras for all exterior vision and 12 sensors as a complement to detect objects, cars, or pedestrians around and thus maintain distance. At the moment your autopilot is not as automatic as you would like, as its actions require the supervision of the driver.

The seat is another of the firms that have already had fruitful advances with this technology, not vehicles as we imagine but a great step in terms of technology that we may see on the asphalt for a few years. In its factory in Martorell, it has several electric vehicles that are autonomous working in the factory to transport parts and that are managed by 4G connection using artificial intelligence.

With its pros and cons, its admirers and detractors what is clear is that 100% autonomous driving will come at some point. We do not know when, but technological advances may bring us in the next few years the first car that moves only on the asphalt.

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