Twitter employees head for the exits after Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ work ultimatum

Twitter employees head for the exits after Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ work ultimatum
Twitter employees head for the exits after Elon Musk's 'extremely hardcore' work ultimatum

If you’ve been active on Twitter in the past few weeks, you’ve felt the accelerating decline in Twitter. After Elon Musk was forced to invest a cool $44 billion to promote the platform, every day has brought a new collection of twists, turns, backflips, twists and memes.

If it seems like the world is changing every couple of hours: it is true. There’s probably going to be something new when you finish this paragraph. It’s been challenging to keep up as the plot gets more complicated, so we’re here to keep you up on all the latest gossip on Twitter.

It’s not hardcore unless you’re living in a state of the extreme. Around 75% of the employees have not been able to accept Musk’s “extremely tough core” vision for the company.

When the deadline was approaching to allow Twitter employees to take action on Elon Musk’s call to perform their duties in an “extremely intensely” manner at the company or to leave the company, some employees appeared to declare publicly that they had decided to choose the alternative.

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The following day, Twitter staffers began posting the salute emoji. It is now a sign that one is leaving the company. One Twitter employee stated via a post that the decision to sign up with the firm is “one of the most straightforward decisions I’ve ever made. The decision to quit today was ultimately the other way around.

About 75% of the employees have not accepted Musk’s “extremely hardcore” concept for the company, instead opting to absorb the cash and run. As a result, Twitter has temporarily closed its offices and stopped badge access in addition to trying to decide what it’s planning to do next.

The official notices of termination seem to have yet to be distributed, and Twitter users can still access the internal applications. Some are reported to be using this access to say goodbye to their colleagues on the company’s Slack chat system, elated to be a part of Musk’s dystopian imagination and a prescient vision for his future.

Meanwhile, Musk and his staff would like to know who’s staying and going and what they’ve got to do. Platformer Zoe Schiffer studies that the code freeze was implemented along with the badge entry being shut down because Musk worried about sabotage from soon-to-be former employees.

The billionaire was known to have announced plans to dismiss around 3700 employees in the first week of his tenure. Most of Twitter’s management, and more recently, engineers against his schemes, have been publicly fired.

The crew skeleton may have jumped ship, allowing Twitter to easily drift by until it crashes into an iceberg before sinking towards the bottom of the Atlantic.
This will likely happen sooner rather than later if you consider the speed at which Musk is making ill-conceived changes.

The only one who didn’t recognize this was likely Musk. Twitter’s tradition of internal communication has been reported to become “past toxic” under Musk’s leadership. Some employees want to be let go to receive severance rather than quit.

Its Tesla owner has stated that since the $44 billion purchase in the last month, Twitter may be in danger of going bankrupt should it not begin to generate more cash. So far, Musk has told employees to prepare for eight-hour work days with no food or meals for free and has made several modifications to Twitter’s work-from-home policy.

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