Listen to WhatsApp voice notes before sending them

WhatsApp continues to add interesting news before the end of the year. The truth is that 2021 has been a very active year for the application, with the introduction of new functions, the discovery of those that are yet to come, and the massive fall that the platform suffered last October, along with Facebook and Instagram. The next novelty has to do with voice notes and the way we send them, or rather, how we review them before sending them.
Voice memos are a quick way to send a message. The truth is that many people prefer not to receive and send this type of content. However, what a concise voice memo of a few seconds may solve may sometimes not be achieved with several minutes of chat. We all know that we can slide to cancel a voice memo if something has gone wrong during recording, but now, we can even listen to the entire audio before sending it.

Listen to the notes before sending

This novelty is already available for both iPhone and Android users and in the stable version of the application. Starting it up is very simple. When we send a voice note we can take two paths: the first is to simply hold down the corresponding button and release it when we have finished so that the voice note is sent automatically. The second way is to swipe up when we start sending the note and access a more complete menu
This is where the new option now appears. By sliding up the voice memo will continue to be recorded, but we can use the stop button when we are done. This will allow us to listen to the voice memo before sending it. If everything is fine we can click on the classic send button or if, on the contrary, the audio does not convince us, we can click on the trash button to delete it and start over.

WhatsApp in 2022

Looking ahead to the year that is about to start, WhatsApp has prepared some interesting news, such as the possibility of viewing Instagram Reels, enabling payments within the application, or the reactions in the messages of the chats. In recent months we have seen a significant increase in news and improvements in the app, which continues to be the leader as the main instant messaging program.

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