Chrome’s new feature will consume less RAM by better managing tabs

It’s not a secret that Chrome even though it is an excellent browser, is fond of consuming, or, more accurately consuming far too much memory of computers. For people who have more than 50 tabs open at the time, the problem is more difficult. It is good news that Chrome may soon be getting an entirely new feature devoted to this very problem.

The feature or function will suspend all tabs you haven’t used for some time. This way it improves the speed of the device that comes with Chrome by not using the same amount of RAM. The feature was reported via a Reddit user Leopeva64-2 and includes some images of the way it works.

The feature is referred to as Memory Saver, it can be enabled in the Performance section of the Chrome menu of configuration, and it is devoted to finding the tabs you have not used and then suspending them. Naturally, if you open an inactive tab once more, it will load and will inform users what amount of RAM has been saved when stopping the page.

There have been Chrome extensions that have similar features However, the introduction of the feature direct in Chrome could be a difference between before and after RAM memory usage, particularly for users who open numerous tabs. Memory Saver is expected to be added in an upcoming update for Chrome soon. We are all excited to see this new feature live as soon as possible.

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