How Will Digital Marketing Look Like In 2024? Analysis and Predictions

Marketing is an area that is constantly changing, and what worked in 2023 and made your business take off, may stop doing so in 2024. it is essential that as a marketing professional, you are always up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing 2024 so that you can include them in your strategy and achieve better results.

AI-powered marketing will again as you can ever imagine

If 2023 was the year of the birth of marketing driven by artificial intelligence thanks to the emergence of tools such as ChatGPT, among others.

In short, it will be rare to see an agency or marketing team in 2024 that does not rely on Artificial Intelligence tools.2024 is going to be the year in which companies begin to use AI on a massive scale and definitively integrate it into their digital marketing strategies

Data analysis, targeted advertising, personalized customer experience, customer segmentation, automation of repetitive tasks, design, search for inspiration and useful information.

All these tasks and many more will be supported by Artificial Intelligence tools, a technology that, as we have seen, will not only serve to enhance and streamline the work of professionals but will also improve the customer experience.

TikTok Shall prove to be valuable for companies

This digital marketing trend of 2024 should not surprise anyone. The social network TikTok has been a trend for some years and several brands have already joined it and have begun to create their strategy.

However, 2024 will be the year in which the Asian platform takes off and begins to be truly important. And, even though the name is familiar to everyone, as of today TikTok is one of the least-used social networks, using only 4% of marketers in the United States. Many consider it a platform very oriented to Generation Z and others do not know how to navigate it.

In 2024 that will take a 180º turn, since there are many active users on the platform who are currently not taking advantage. In addition, the social network has already gotten its act together and is ready for this trend, since in 2020 it launched TikTok for Business, the tool for companies to and brands are promoted. Is your company ready to integrate it into your marketing strategy?

social commerce will expand more by 2024

social commerce is a practice that consists of using social networks as another direct channel for selling products and services, integrating functionalities typical of electronic commerce on social media platforms such as, for example, payment.

That is, with social commerce the boundaries between e-commerce and social networks are blurred, creating a situation of symbiosis from which the user benefits, Because the purchasing process becomes much faster and easier.

In the year 2022, social commerce also promised to be a trend, but in the end, it did not have the expected success. This time, the forecast is more moderate and although social networks are not yet going to become e-commerce 2.0, it is going to be very important for brands to raise their catalog and links directly to each product on the website so that the user can jump from one platform to another easily and quickly buy something you have seen on social networks.

email marketing will once again prove to be worthy of brand awareness and voicing the products

Did you think email marketing was on its last legs? Well, not at all. In 2024 it will continue to be a very effective way to attract and persuade consumers, just like chats and mobile notifications. The number of emails between companies and consumers is expected to reach 361 billion in 2024, 55 billion more than in 2020.

And this strategy is extremely powerful since allows brands to interact directly and more personally with users.

This trend in digital marketing for 2024 reminds us of the importance of getting down to business when collecting information about the customer journey since very valuable data can be extracted from there to create more relevant messages.

SEO, content marketing, and Google Ads (SEM) prove ROI Favourites Again!

The ROI (Return on Investment) is a metric that is used to know what the profits of a company have been taking into account the investment cost. According to the data, SEO (organic search engine positioning), content marketing, and Google Ads ads are the ones that promise a better ROI by 2024, so these three actions cannot be missing from your marketing strategy for next year.

Privacy-Centric Marketing

Have you heard of Privacy-Centric Marketing or privacy-centric marketing? This type of marketing is based on putting user privacy at the center, prioritizing the transparent collection of data, the secure handling of these, and the consent of consumers to, in addition to complying with privacy regulations, generate trust in users, something that is usually a challenge for brands that communicate mainly in the digital environment.

This is going to be one of the most interesting digital marketing trends of 2024, taking into account that 83% of consumers want to have greater control over their data.

Prioritize User Generated Content (UGC)

The User Generated Content or User Generated Content is going to be a trend in digital marketing in 2024, very, very powerful. And, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, nothing more and nothing less than 96% of consumers do not trust advertisements. However, according to another study, 93% of marketers say that consumers do trust the content created by real people.

The growth of voice searches

we conclude with this topic that digital marketing trends for 2024 with one closely related to the success of devices such as Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. And, experts estimate that the digital voice assistant market will reach 26.8 billion in 2025,

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