Top 11 skills that will dominate the job market in 2024

Technology plays an increasingly important role in companies, whatever their sector of activity. Do you want to know which will be the most sought-after technological profiles this year?

Professionals in the information technology (IT) sector have been among the job profiles most in demand by companies for many years and it does not seem that this trend will change in 2024.

Technology specialists will continue to be the most sought after by companies in a scenario of talent shortage that in some cases gives rise to a real competition between companies when it comes to attracting and retaining these professionals.

Top 10 skills that will dominate the job market in 2024

However, not all profiles will be equally valued. In an environment marked by the boom in generative artificial intelligence (AI), these will be the most in-demand IT profiles in 2024, according to Develhope, a platform specialized in programming courses.

1. Software developers

Their work is essential for the deployment of functionalities that involve Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as the integration of chatbots , recommendation systems or predictive analytics.

They will also be necessary when collaborating with ethics and security experts to develop guidelines and tools that mitigate the risks associated with generative AI.

2. Data engineers and analysts

Data engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining infrastructure for greater scalability, optimizing data delivery, and automating processes to ensure data quality.

Data analysts, for their part, are in charge of studying the data collected to improve decision making.

3. Project managers

They are the people in charge of organizing, planning and executing projects and fitting them within budgets and calendars. In addition, Develhope points out that the functions of these professionals also include team management and goal setting.

4. Cybersecurity specialists

Cybersecurity has become an essential aspect in the connected world in which we live. These experts control and monitor the privacy and data protection of companies against potential external threats. They must be able to respond effectively and quickly to security breaches that may arise.

5. Digital marketing specialists

The digital environment gives us tools never seen before for the development of marketing actions.

The job of these professionals is to develop the company’s general marketing strategy, identifying markets, clients and marketing incentives to subsequently evaluate the results obtained.

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6. UX/UI Designers

The User Interface (UI) area refers to the creation of the interface that the user encounters when interacting with the application or the company’s website, while the User Experience (UX) area refers to usability and ease of navigation. .

Also these other profiles

Digital professions that will stand out from the rest in 2024.

7. Social media strategists

They are experts in planning and executing strategies on social platformsTheir work consists of increasing the visibility, interaction and presence of a brand or company on social networks, taking advantage of the different platforms to achieve commercial and brand objectives.

They must have skills in creating content and storytelling, knowledge of data analysis and social metrics, understanding of trends and changes on social platforms, and knowing how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) in social media strategies.

8. Data analysts

It says that you play one of the most relevant roles for a digitalized company. These professionals are responsible for transforming large sets of data into useful and understandable information.

To do this, data analysts make advanced use of analytical tools and statistical techniques, through which they decipher hidden patterns and trends in the data, providing insights that drive companies’ strategic decisions.

The skills they must have include mastery of programming languages, management of data analysis platforms, analysis and critical thinking, and knowledge in the application of machine learning and AI techniques.

9. Ecommerce specialists (Ecommerce specialist)

They are professionals dedicated to the management and optimization of e-commerce platforms. Its role is essential to ensure a fluid and effective shopping experience and to boost online sales for a company or brand.

They must know how to manage and optimize the ecommerce platform, understand digital marketing and SEO for ecommerce, have knowledge of data analysis and measurement, and have skills in integrating AI into ecommerce.

10. Product owners

They are dedicated to defining and prioritizing product features and functionalities, based on their commercial value and technical feasibility. These professionals serve as a liaison between company stakeholders and development teams, translating business needs into technical solutions. In addition, they manage and prioritize the tasks that the product development team must tackle, ensuring their clarity and understanding by everyone.

Among their skills, they must have a strategic and commercial vision to understand the market and user needs, communication skills and agile management capacity, supported by agile methodologies such as scrum, in addition to knowing how to apply AI in product management.

11. AI engineers

These are professionals dedicated to the development and implementation of AI-based solutions. These profiles work on creating systems that can learn, reason, and make decisions or perform actions that would traditionally require human intelligence.

They must know how to program and master AI algorithms, the ability to analyse and process large data sets for training AI models, and have advanced knowledge in machine learning and neural networks.

Renewables and sustainability, rising sectors

The renewable energy sector is also booming. In fact, it is estimated that more jobs related to this sector will be created in our country in the coming years.

We are also going to see an explosion of professional opportunities linked to sustainability. Study predicted that the position of sustainability consultant would be the fifth job with the greatest placement opportunities in the year that is now ending.

It is very likely that these trends will continue in 2024, hand in hand with new renewable energy projects and the growing importance that sustainability is acquiring in all types of companies and institutions.

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