8 Android apps to send and receive chats and messages (free)

If you’re seeking an response to this query, by way of example, what would be the ideal text messaging programs for Android mobiles? Then this guide is what you’re seeking. Besides email, the brief message service (SMS) has surfaced and is still one of the significant tools to keep mobile users connected. SMS is becoming fairly popular with younger consumers round the globe. With the coming of latest features of smartphones such android operating systems is able to send sms texts with latest apps which do not need cellular support unlike old mobile phones . There are lots of programs out there for the key mobile operating systems which enable their customers to send free SMS straight out of their Smartphones. learn about 8 best Android apps to send and receive text messages for free below

Here is the list of technically advanced featured android apps which has more chatting features.


This program integrates openly with your cellphone’s address book so that you may send messages to all of your contacts, whether they have JaxtrSMS installed in their telephones. In case the recipient has JaxtrSMS installed in their telephones, the messages may show up in vertical format. JaxtrSMS with Android 2.1 or more is totally free from bugs and virus attacks.


Users of the program can send messages utilizing internet message gateways for example way2sms and site2sms. For ease of use, these message gateways, an infinite number of account for all these gateways are saved in the program. Users may change between accounts with only two clicks from anywhere in the program. Just pick the gateway which most fulfills your requirements and register an account before you begin using the program. Text is free and harmonious with Android 2.1 and greater.

The program has a fantastic user interface with countless themes. It’s useful plugins such as cloud backup, personal box, safety lock, and SMS blocker.

SMS Popup

SMS popup is among the most comfy and easy-to-use Android programs on Google Play. The moment a message reaches on the telephone, a pop-up window opens, which makes it simple to rapidly browse, delete, and shut the message. This program also makes it effortless to respond to text messages straight from the pop-up itself. Message notifications may also be simplified using this program through particular contact noises, LEDs, and vibration preferences.

Kakao Chat

kakao chat is just another absolutely free SMS program which works on multiple operating systems such as Android, Bada, and iOS. Users may send free SMS, MMS and sound messages using this program. Other features of the application include sharing multimedia content, scheduling appointments, and making your own group conversation using an infinite number of friends, etc.


WhatsApp is among the most common mobile programs in most types. WhatsApp users can easily drop text messages to their friends, family and loved ones with many interesting chatting options such as live emojis, gifs and many other running features on WhatsApp. Along with fundamental messaging, WhatsApp lets you send pictures, videos, and sound messages. The program is free for your first year and prices $ 0.99 annually afterwards.

if you are more interested whatsapp chatting features you can learn about Whatsapp web tricks here


Textfree is your number 1 free android texting and picture messaging program. Using textfree App you are able to send messages to over 35 countries worldwide. Your friends do not need Textfree to get, they do not even have to get a smartphone. 1 thing I enjoy about this program is that it does not need an operator text messaging program.

In the modern fast-moving world, folks would love to be in touch with each other as far as you can. If you’ve got more family and friends living far away from you, then the above-mentioned apps are able to help you send them free text messages without having to spend money on cell phone bills and recharges.


Hike messenger  is a wonderful alternative  WhatsApp option and the messenger which lets you send free messages for your friends and loved ones. Employing the walk, you are able to send messages to buddies that are trekking and to individuals that aren’t hiking. You’ll not ever need to use another messaging program again. Even better, it is completely FREE.


Through these texting messaging apps you can send unlimited messaging and calling totally free of cost to your friend, loved ones and family. everyday there is a new technical update included in these which totally makes these apps so special among the masses, what makes them unique is that their app functioning features, secured data transfer, no viruses and these apps are totally encrypted, that means you can relax and enjoy texting as much as you desire. if you are not a android users i would recommend to  use these apps which are available on ios stores as well. why wait ? let’s get started today!

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